$37,700 Raised at the Saturday Sept 6, 2008

Riders on the Way

Texas Honor Ride Fundraiser

This year's Lone Star Cowboy Church / Riders on the Way - Texas
Honor Ride fundraiser in Montgomery, TX was again a awesome
success. More than $37,700 in cash and material donations were
raised in this single day. The total to date is still being tallied so we'll
let you know soon
This was the largest re-enlistment ceremony ever held in military history.

The ceremony was held on the 4th of July, 2008 at Al Faw Palace, Baghdad , Iraq . General David
Petraeus officiated. This amazing story was ignored by the 'mainstream' media.
For those who have been in the Al Faw Palace, you'll have a better appreciation of the number of
people crammed around the rotunda supporting the re-enlisting soldiers.
American men and women volunteering to stay longer in Iraq, so that when we leave, the new
democracy will have a chance of surviving, is the exact opposite of what the media wants you to think
about Iraq.
 If only a bomb had killed 5 civilians in a marketplace - now that's the kind of news the media is
eager to tell you about.
A pizzeria in Chicago donated 2000 pizzas that were made and shipped to Baghdad , and were
delivered on the 4th.  
The media did report that 2000 pizzas were sent to Iraq on July 4th...  The only part they left out of the
report was the event for which the pizzas were sent.
Do you wonder.........
What would the opinion of Americans be if they weren't getting such obviously biased 'news?'
Pass this on and we will do the work for the Media
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