Boosters for carburetors have been around for as long as carburetors have been around.
What makes the Triple X Carburetor Booster unique is that it is now available on a carburetor
design that never had one!  

The S&S carburetor made by S&S Cycle located in Viola, Wisconsin was designed as an
alternative to low performance carburetors currently available. This carb has worked well for
bike owners for over 20 years but now Triple X Carburetors of Texas has made a kit to make it
work even better.  

  • The billet aluminum booster assembly is made of two parts. This assembly when
    installed in a carb venturi, increases the air velocity and signal at the fuel source. The
    special booster insert with it's multi-port outlet then helps break up the fuel into finer
    particles promoting a more powerful fuel/air mixture entering the engine cylinder.

  • The solid brass emulsion tube assembly meters the amount of fuel entering the carb by
    various size main jets. Air is also introduced into the fuel as it travels up the tube to the
    booster. This helps the fuel travel faster and also helps to break down the fuel too. Note:
    by varying the size of air bleed to the emulsion tube the engine speed at which the main
    fuel circuit starts to flow fuel can be adjusted. This feature can eliminate an over rich
    condition and stumble between the mid and high speed ranges.

  • The Triple X Original Booster kit will make a big difference on the low end as well as all
    other ranges. Testing has shown a 5 to 6 HP gain on a stock 80 or 88 in. Harley versus
    using the stock S&S manufactured carburetor. It has been known to improve fuel
    economy as well as reduce emissions. Results will vary from bike to bike.

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Dyno pull on a highly tuned HD FXDWG showing the
difference after installing the XXX Booster Kit
XXX Carburetors New
p/n 1-600 Booster Kit
Due to the increasing need for more air and fuel flow in big cubic inch engines Triple X
Carburetors has developed the Big PURPLE 1-600 Booster kit. This kit was developed
several years ago and is available only when purchasing the Big Bore Mod and is not sold

Big inch engines and chopper style bikes are the trend these days and now its common to
see 124 in. and larger engines in street sport bikes and cruisers.

The stock S&S manufactured 'G' series carbs equipped with the Triple X Carburetor "Original
Booster" in the past have done very well together. With larger and larger engines
demanding more air and fuel we started boring the venturis of the S&S manufactured 'E' and
'G' series carbs for added performance but while this works well in both series carbs we
found that the
bored 'G' carb works even better with the new PURPLE 1-600 Booster Kit.
Finding another 10 HP is not uncommon with this combination.

Because of the size of this big booster it could reduce HP slightly in unmodified 'G' series
carbs so we still recommend the 'G' carb be modified with the Big Bore Mod. The Original
Booster 1-100 will work in 'G' carbs with stock sized venturis but will not the get best results
as with the Purple Booster. Original Booster Kits work great in all 'E' carbs with bored or
stock venturies.