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XXX Carburetors recently participated in the Teresi Dyno Drags at the Easy Riders V-Twin Bike
Show in Pomona, CA, January 7th and 8th, 2005.

Branden and Bob worked closely with Fred Hether of Southern Motorsports, located in
Cumming, GA., who built a fantastic 131 ci. in. Harley Deuce. This engine puts out over 150HP
and a carburetor that could handle all that power was badly needed. Fred knew we were working
on a new carb design and called to see if we could help.

After getting all the requirements from Fred the new carb was completed in just 4 weeks but still
needed testing. Fred invited us to team up with him in Pomona so we could assist with the new
carb. The carb was first shipped to Florida to meet up with Freds bike that was getting a custom
exhaust built at the time. Due to the busy schedule at the exhaust shop carb testing couldn't be
done in time. This was just after Christmas and the company was asked to ship the carb back to
us so we could get some testing in before leaving for California. We expected the carb to arrive
over night but instead it was sent UPS 3 Day. We were really getting nervous now. Fred had
picked up his bike already and was headed for the Easy Rider Show. The carb made it to our
shop on Jan. 4th just two days before the event!

While we were waiting for the carb to show up we had made a manifold adapter and planed to
test the carb on an 80 inch Evo FXR just to see if it ran and maybe to get it ready in time. The new
manifold adapter was now ready and waiting. Our new carb is 51mm @ the venturi which is about
the size of an S&S 'D' carb. The carb that came off the FXR was a Screaming Eagle but is a bit
smaller than an S&S 'E'. We didn't expect the new carb to do anything but to run at lower rpms
and to check it for proper operation.

Well the carb finally showed up and was bolted on the 80 incher. We crossed our fingers and
fired it up. The damn thing fired right up and after a small idle mix and speed adjustment it ran just
like a factory made carb! We made a few jet changes and even though we had no air cleaner box
or mounting brackets it was decided to take it out on the street just to see what it might do.
DAMN!! The bike ran like it had a supercharger on it or something. We expected it to bog and
hesitate because of its large size but instead it ran twice as good as the previous carb.

The carb was jetted for the 80 inch motor for testing but we knew it would have to be re-jetted for
the 131 inch bike in Calif. We were satisfied that the carb wouldn't need any major changes so it
was removed and boxed up for the trip on Jan. 6th. We didn't have time to ship it by UPS or
FEDEX so we carried it with us on the plane.

This idea didn't exactly turn out like we planned. At Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport we
went through security just fine but we were asked about the carb. The airlines wanted to know if
the carb was new and did it ever have gas in it. We told them it was new but fibbed on the gas
part. They unpacked the carb and smelled gas on it and now they're telling us we can't take it.
DAMN now what! We were told to either ship it by some other means or clean it up so it didn't
smell. We didn't have time to ship it so we grabbed the carb and ran to the men's room. There we
disassembled the carb and proceeded to wash the thing in the sink with soap and water! It
looked a little strange to people coming in to see two guys washing a bunch of metal parts in the
sink and trying to dry everything off with lots of paper towels!

We put the carb back together, ran back to the ticket counter and handed it to the agent. They
took it in the back with several more inspectors and we were sweating. The whole trip was
planned around this new carb and Fred who was already in California. Finally they came out and
gave it the okay. We grabbed our stuff and zipped over to the gate because we had less than an
hour left to get on our plane.         
Bike ran a 9.20 ET and showed 157HP on Saturday qualifying for a 4th place. Carb was tuned
one more time for Sunday, the finals. Bike bent 3 rear axles during the weekend from all the
power it made.
On Sunday the driver made two bad shifts which left the bike in 5th place out of 8 qualifiers
from all over the U.S. More  news on the carb later.