S&S Intake Manifolds for V-Twin Engines

Chrome option for manifolds, add $35.00  
For 'E' size carbs, for 1200
and 79". Only $95.50
For 'E' size
Only $95.00
For 'G' size carbs, fits 80, 88TC, 89, 95TC,
96, 106TC, Only $95.00
For 'G' size carbs, fits 124"
BT or TC, Only $95.00
For 'G' size carbs, Fits 117"
BT or TC, Only $95.00
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Intake Seal, 5/16" tall, fits all
stock 84-06 HD using stock
clamps on stock heads.
P/N 16-0244 or 26995-86A
$4.95 ea.
Intake Seal, 1/4" tall, fits 84 and up
BT and 86 and up Sportsters using
late style S&S manifolds and thinner
intake clamps on S&S heads
P/N 16-0243
$4.95 ea.