THE Company and its people

Founded XXX Carburetors, shortly after leaving DaVinci Carburetors of
Conroe, TX in 2004. Branden along with two other friends formed the small
company and started in the corner of a small workshop. This is how the XXX
name was founded, one X for each worker. After putting in a lot of hard work
Branden found himself working alone when the two friends decided to find
work elsewhere with a bit more income for their families.   

It was when Branden was at DaVinci that the idea of modifying motorcycle
carburetors came about and putting those ideas into function was the hard
part.  This is where coworker at the time, Bob Maltz with his experience in
machining and motorcycle engines, came into play.

A year or two later the two invented the “Original Booster Kit” for S&S
After seeing a need for new ideas for S&S made carburetors the DaVinci
company and Branden teamed up with machinist and co-worker Bob Maltz to
start designing and building custom made carburetors. One of the design
efforts resulted in the creation of the Orange County Choppers Fire Hydrant
Carburetor featured on TVs Discovery Channel. Branden also was involved
with the development of the OCC Liberty Bike Torch Carburetor.

After 4 productive years at DaVinci Carburetor Bob and Branden eventually
went their separate ways. Branden still had a desire to produce quality
products at a fair price and it didn’t take long to start XXX Carburetors near his
home in Conroe, TX. Bob Maltz, who had also left DaVinci Carburetor earlier,  
found out that Branden was working on carbs again and pretty soon the
company of XXX Carburetors had grown to two X's.

Now in 2007 Branden has decided to step down because he wanted to spend
more time with his family. It takes a lot of work to keep a business going and
sometimes families feel the strain. At  XXX Carburetor all the products
produced are carefully made with the customer in mind.  Tech support does
not end at the point of sale.

Bob Maltz, from Brooklyn, New York, began life by growing up and surviving in
the concrete jungle until he was about 9 years of age. His dad grew up in the
city but like most parents wanting something better for a growing family moved
the homestead out to the country, Long Island. Bob’s dad, who Bob claims is
the worlds best mechanic, always was fixing something at home from
rebuilding cars, transmissions, engines, lawnmowers plus remodeling the
whole house. It didn’t take long for Bob to start picking up some tricks of the
various trades.

After graduating high school Bob enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, the war in
Vietnam was still going on, and because he always loved airplanes and how
they worked. Bob was trained as a Reciprocating Engine Mechanic and got a
chance to work on a disappearing fleet of radial engine powered propeller
driven aircraft. Even though trained as a mechanic Bob at one time was a
member of the 605th Air Commando Squadron in the Republic of Panama.
During his tour of duty Bob worked on a variety of aircraft that included the A1-
E Sky Raider, C-123 Provider and O1-E Birddog which were being currently
used in combat. Some of the aircraft Bob worked on had radial engines with up
to 28 cylinders producing over 3,800HP!

In 1965 Bob bought his first bike, a Honda 150 Shadow, to putt around the
Canal Zone where gas was selling for 15 cents a gallon on base. That was it and
motorcycles became a part of life after then. After 4 years in the service and
getting married to a gal from Panama Bob went back to New York. He worked as
an aircraft mechanic there until his wife became home sick so the family packed
up and moved to the Republic of Panama. Good jobs were scarce in Panama so
Bob became a Canal Zone cop but continued to work as an aircraft and
motorcycle mechanic on the side.

In the late 70’s the U.S. was about to give the Canal Zone back to Panama so it
was time to leave before any problems started. Bob and family moved to Texas
in 1978 after a lot of searching and decided this was the best possible place for
climate and job opportunities.

Bob bought and operated several small non mechanic type business in the
Houston, Texas area during the early 80’s but in 1984 opened his own aircraft
repair shop at a small airport in Spring, Texas. All was good until a tornado blew
half the airport away in 1985 including Bob’s shop. Bob rebuilt though and
developed a successful aircraft engine overhaul business. During this time Bob
renewed his love for motorcycles and bought a 1986 HD FLHS Electra Glide
which he still rides today.

In the mid 90’s Bob decided to get out of aviation because of the high liability
risk involved and sold the business. Bob then moved to Florida for a while but
after thinking, “What am I doing here?” he moved back to Texas and settled just
north of Houston, Texas in a town called Conroe.
In the late 1990’s Bob found employment with DaVinci Carburetors of Conroe,
Texas and worked as the main machinist there for about 4 years. During this
time Bob and Branden personally worked together on designing, building and
testing such projects as the Booster Kit for S&S carburetors, the Fire Hydrant
Carburetor for the OCC Fire Bike and many other motorcycle and automotive
Holly carburetor projects for use in NASCAR and NHRA.

After working at DaVinci for about 4 years both Bob decided to leave because
of heath issues and to pursue other interests. Bob built a shop behind his
garage and began doing some machining and working on Harley’s again. Not
long after Bob and Branden ran across each other and kicked the idea around
about forming a partnership in 2005 but now things have changed once again
and now in 2007 the partnership has ended due to unforeseen events. Today
Bob proudly calls
TRIPLE X CARBURETORS his home away from home.          
A letter the Romans used to indicate the number 10
The number 10 has often been used to rate something as the best!
XXX can also describe something as sexy and wild!
The products built here at
XXX Carburetors,
while not always sexy and wild, they are the best and can make
even a good carburetor even better!      

XXX Carburetors was originally created by three professionals
with a
combined experience of over 50 years in designing and building
carburetors. Each X stands for one of the best people in the
business and
that's how the company got it's name.