Customer Feed Back
Hey Branden & Bob, my carburetor is working out great.  Thanks for the great service.  
Ray A.

Hi,Bob, The kit arrived on Thursday(19th) I fitted it okay.Friday went to a giant motorcycle rally across
England for the weekend, so I was going to tell you today if it felt different after several hundred
miles.First feel was that I was riding with a tail wind and it will run sweetly at 35 in top,before it was 40
minimum.Cannot check fuel consumption yet as was riding different roads to normal and we had
storms,but seems to have improved the overall running of the bike.

Thanks a lot, Eddie.

Brenden and Bob, I got my carb back yesterday and had it on in half an hour.  Started right up so will
take it out this morning and dial it in.
The mods you guys did look great, the bored out venturi looks like stock.  Thanks for your great service!!

Now get some advertising, there are a lot of 05 Big Dog owners out there shelling out $400 to upgrade to
the G carb and I think my E with your modifications is better that theirs and I didn't have to pay that

Thanks guys,
Ray A.


Fast shipment, kit installed easily and made noticeable difference at lower RPM

Easy install, definite improvement... thank you....

Only a small confusion but all good. Great seller. Saludos ¡¡¡ Siempre libre !!!

booster smoothed out the G on my 113. You could feel the difference.

this is worth the money very nice mod for harley s&s carb

A+, I'm impressed. Shipped fast, easy install, ironhead runs like never before

very goooodAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Fast shipping...item as described...would do business with again ++++


Just as described,fast shipping,Thanks

Nice item /// super fast delivery /// A++++++++

great seller fast shipping thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great product easy to install works great best bolt on modification for S&Scarb!


>>>Easy install. Can't wait to run the bike. ThanksAA++<<<

Super Ebay Seller, quick shipping and product as advertised. Thanks, AAAA+++++++

Super price, fast shipping, Works great! Thank you !

Nice product and super fast shipment. Anxious to install and see difference.

Great Person to buy from, Fast shipping , A+++ Rating

lightning quick . A+ thanks, lrm5253

The best "bolt on"part i ever got!!!!!.It works great.Highly recommend!!!!!!!A++

Fast shipping, Good Ebayer!

great product fast shipment,pleasure to do business

Fast shipping, Great product AAA+

FAST!! shipping exactly as listed, honest seller, A+++++

this is the best performance part you can buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast Shipping, Great product.AA++
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Hey Bob,
Here are the PICS of my bike for your web site.
These are the comments you can post with the PICS.

I installed your booster kit in my bike and when I started the bike up, I could tell right away
that the engine ran much smoother at idle. My first test ride was to see if the booster did
what you Guy's at XXX said it would do. It made the S & S carb more responsive has real
smooth acceleration and much more noticeable power at lower Rpm's.
Your Booster does exactly what you say it does. Well, worth the money and it's cheap
horsepower. This is a must have if you are running a S & S Super E or G carb.

Thanks XXX
Eugene Lewinski
Milwaukee, WI
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Hey Guys,

I can't thank you enough!  I have never had the performance out of my carb that I
now have after your mods.  Great product and even better price, I recommend you to
every one I know who has a Super E on their scooter.
KC Crawford
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See what one customer is saying about his Booster Kit!

Hi Bob,

Bruce here in the
Phils. Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how things turned

Seems that a big problem I had was ignition. I had a burned out coil tower where the lead was
inserted and then after replacing that, it seems I also had more than an inch of the internal lead
(conductor?) burned out as well!

So I am thinking I had a weak spark all along in that jug and cracking the throttle wide open just
kind of overpowered it? Just a theory.

Anyway, long and short is most of the bog is history. Ya its still there and annoys me but it's not
nearly as bad as it was.

Brought the Sporty home from Manila on Sunday. Great ride. And the motor, well for lack of a
better term,
purred. I have never heard the engine sound and feel so good. A lot of stop and go,
slow speed riding and some good fast stuff, capped off by 30 kilos of slowish riding and 5ks of
in-town to the house.

I pulled the plugs....WOW! I have never had such a perfect pair of plugs! Just a slight sooty ring
on the threads and the porcelain a perfect light Tan! And BOTH plugs were identical! I am
convinced that it has to be the booster that is responsible for this. And as I said the motor ran
like a champ.

If I bought another S&S carb, the first thing I would do is buy another booster from you!


Anyway, thanks again!


Dated: 07/20/08
From harleyguy1953:

Bob...thanks for a job well done,my bike fired up on the 2nd revolution!!! If you'd like a
testimonial,here it is

I sent my G carb to bob for the venturi work and his purple booster,it came back in beautiful shape
and it performs flawlessly on my 120" ultima.I had to change the pipes that were on the motor and I
now have 38" long straights with the old 1/4" bolt trick.....Man what low end torque this motor
produces!!! I would reccomend bobs work to anyone....the throttle response is awesome!!!!

Click on photos to enlarge
XXX Carburetors Rock! From my initial
conversions about sending my carb to
them for the rebuild all the way to the
customer support seven months later
when I had a questions about a rich
mixture the quality of work and technical
support in out standing! Bob's insight to
know what works and how to get you
dialed in is second to none.

Send'um your card. You won't be sorry. It's
money well spent. Oh, and by the way, for
all the skeptics out there and everyone
that's says you can't run or get
performance out of a velocity stack. When
XXX finished with my carb there was no
flat spot whatsoever! My bike is totally
responsive at any time, in any RPM range.
And that's with a velocity stack! Keep up
the great work Bob,

Hollywood Ca.
July 2009

Hey Bob, you probably won't remember me but I want to thank you for the carb
work you did. You could not have been more right on about the Super-E. My 97
Softail now runs like a bike of its stature should. I said It would be
running in March well it was July 4th when it fired up "close ?", here is a
pic. Now I can start recommending you and hand out those cards sorry it took
so long.

Gary from Lompoc
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I wanted to thank you for a great job well done with my S&S G carb. All the years I have been riding, I
have never had such a crisp throttle response from an S&S before.
You've turned my stroked 96 inch into an absolute rocket. This bike has never cranked on the first
revolution since the rebuild. I don't know what motor you dialed it in on, but it sure worked well for
my application. All I've done so far was bolt it on, cranked it up, road it and read the plugs. Carmel
beige is a beautiful color instead of gray black. Once again thank you for excellence.

Rich Wentworth     

Triple X Carburetors note:
Rich sent in his carb for rework into a carb like our non-chrome MINI TAZ carb. This carb has all our mods plus
a single Thunder Jet for max power above 4500 RPM.